How to Look Better When You Pose for Holiday Photos

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This beauty doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to looking even more amazing.


Some people instantly take to the camera, but not all. Is it because they are simply more beautiful, which may or may not necessarily be true? The real truth is some just know how to capitalize on what they have better than others in how they radiate confidence, their expression and body language before that lens focuses on them.  Therefore, if you want to shine as well and look your best for those holiday photos then let me share some helpful tips for posing for photos.

Rule one may surprise you.  Start smiling with your eyes as well as your mouth when posing for photos.  After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul, revealing how you feel to the world.  How would you manage to do this you might ask?

Stand in front on your mirror and think of the last thing that made you extremely happy.  Try to recapture that feeling and observe your face and what you see emerging from your eyes as they dance or bubble with that happiness.

Rule two is remembering to keep your chin up and slightly tilt your head forward.

Rule three is finding the right angle when you pose.  Aim to give your body some dimension by slightly turning to the side.  You can learn to accomplish that by practicing in front of a full-length mirror.  Pivot around to find your best side.  You can even fake dropping a few pounds just by putting your hand on your hip when standing before the camera.

Rule four has to do with your leg position when posing for photos. Stand with your legs crossed at the knee can never let you down. Another good position is standing with one knee bent and your hip thrust slightly forward also works well.

The fifth rule that I want to share with you is about your lips.  Though dark matte lip shades are everywhere you see, lighten up your lips with a softer glossy pink or nude that will brighten your face.  Gloss reflects light in such a flattering way.

Regardless of how pretty you feel you may be or not be, I hope you forget that label because you can be beautiful too before meeting up with that camera. All you need to do is practice!




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