How to Downplay Crow’s Feet for Younger Eyes

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This lovely can smile with confidence because she knows the right steps for prolonging her beauty.


Time does have a way of catching up with all of us sooner or later.  Usually the eye area is one of the first places that can give away age.   If you’re starting to notice fine lines and crow’s feet, then don’t panic. This problem is easy enough to work with if you know the best sort of eye cream at this stage that will keep your real age a secret.

The skin of the eye area is thinner and also drier than the rest of your face.  Therefore, making that area thoroughly hydrated is critical for minimizing those initial fine lines associated with crow’s feet by plumping them with enough needed moisture that can help.

As you begin to age, you may start to notice more days of under eye darkness in addition to the unwanted fine lines.   Being the case, I suggest looking for an eye cream that can also brighten as well as hydrate will be the most beneficial for what you’re now experiencing with crow’s feet.

To help avoid worsening the problem, you want to be careful in how you apply an eye cream so not to stretch that delicate skin.  Use your ring finger since it is the weakest and least likely to exert the most pressure.

Sometimes, you may apply an eye cream without really thinking to where you’re spreading it.  You want your eye cream under your lash line, but not directly beneath it or on the lid itself to avoid potential puffiness or possibly trigger an allergic reaction with bloodshot eyes or chance product migrating inside the eye.  The ideal spot is starting at the orbital bone and dotting the cream along the curved path beginning at the outer corner of the crow’s feet.

Despite your brightening efforts, if your fine lines aren’t minimized enough to your satisfaction, you might want to try a wrinkle-filling product over that brightening eye cream before applying the rest of your makeup that might include a luminous concealer. Taking these steps can help downplay the appearance of crow’s feet while lifting your spirits as well.


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