How to Sculpt With Blush for a Ruddy Complexion

How to Sculpt With Blush for a Ruddy Complexion Blushes
Learning to use colors to your advantage can do wonders for a face.


Perhaps, you have a healthy red glow to your complexion, but are uncertain as to the ideal way to add more color to your skin without overdoing it.  However, you can still benefit from color with the right blush to artfully play it up to enhance bone structure for a ruddy skin.  Here is a simple fix on how to sculpt your face with a blush if you have a ruddy complexion.

The main thing to do is to look for blushes that can help offset that abundance of red in the skin such as turning to neutral or golden shades.  Those particular blushes can better balance your natural coloring while magically giving your cheekbones a graceful lift to compliment your bone structure.

What else that you may want to try is looking at your diet.  Some of your food choices could be aggravating your skin to produce more red.  Indulging in too many refined sugars as well as overly spicy foods can complicate what is going on with your skin with causing more inflammation.  You might want to try eating more whole grains, healthy fats, leafy greens, legumes, nuts and seeds, and lots more water as a start.  This slight change in what you eat could reduce some of that red skin color to help.

If you try what I suggested on how to sculpt with a blush for a ruddy complexion, chances are you’ll have better luck bringing out your bone structure without clashing with your natural coloring.


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