L’Occitane L’Homme Cologne Cedrat Review


L’Occitane L’Homme Cologne Cedrat
L’Homme Cologne Cedrat has an added aquatic feel to the original. 


When you are making out your holiday gift list and are thinking of fragrances for your guy, there is a very appealing new one from L’Occitane that you should be aware of.  I’m referring to their recent rendition of Cedrat that was reborn as L’Homme Cologne Cedrat.

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The original Cedrat that I reviewed at an earlier date was a fresh woody-citrus scent that was inviting and pleasant without overpowering your senses as some male fragrances do with their brutal strength.  In fact, a woman would be tempted to wear this one.

L’Homme Cologne Cedrat is one that has an added aquatic feel to that appealing scent.  It begins with a cool opening from cedrat peel and frosted mint against warmer aquatic notes that hit you like a breezy summer stroll along the sea.  You are thrilled at its vast beauty that is holding you there.

While you are standing in awe of its calm power, you see beyond the horizon as this fragrance further warms in the heart with notes of violet leaf, lavender, black pepper, pink peppercorn, and ginger.  What you discover is the complexity of its beautiful control that captivates you with its mysterious allure and gentle power.

When its notes of cedar, amber and musk emerge in the base, the fragrance loses some of that uplifting freshness and allows the woods to dominate.   This is the sea, slowly waking, exerting more of its force along the shoreline.  The result is an undeniable attractive male presence that is confident and sexy in its power.

My advice is to visit your local L’Occitane boutique or visit the company’s website and look into L’Homme Cologne Cedrat ($62) because it will surely please your man–and YOU!



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