Prevent Frizz With These Natural Curl Care Tricks

redheaded woman full of curls that needs to prevent frizz
This beauty is skeptical, but can’t wait to try these new hair care tips to prevent frizz.


People with natural curls often can have a love/hate relationship with our hair.  The part I love is when my hair is layered all over, my curls can pop out even more and look as if I had a perm. Despite how advantageous that look can be, this can also come with a price like being prone to frizz.  However, I found a few ways to help better prevent it.

The first thing that I suggest is stop shampooing daily.  Instead, shampoo twice a week to get rid of the grime and styling product build-up.

If you’re overly oily, you also might want to think about a dry shampoo in between, if you feel it is needed. What else can help refresh your hair is taking a clean spray bottle, load it with water and about a tablespoon of hair conditioner (maybe two), depending on how long and thick that your hair is, and spritz.

After you finishing washing your hair, make sure to have a microfiber towel handy or even a clean cotton T-shirt to wrap your head in.  Do not rub, but gently press as much water from your head into the towel or shirt as possible.  You’ll be surprised at how much kinder using those fabrics are compared to terrycloth that can rough up hair cuticles.

Using a few drops of hair oil after styling and deep conditioning twice a month also seems to keep my hair tamed.

Another smart investment is a satin pillowcase.  Sleeping on one is fantastic for cutting down on wrinkles since it won’t pull the skin in the same way as a cotton fabric.  Satin acts the same way when sleeping so the hair is less tugged and pulled, especially when you twist it in sections from the face.  Using  butterfly clips secures the twisted hair quite well.

Think of how you comb your freshly shampooed hair when still wet.  If you have more waves than tiny curls, try switching to a paddle brush to first smooth it down.  On the other hand, a head of kinkier curls is better off with a wide-tooth comb for initially managing it.

These natural curl care tips won’t totally stop frizz, but it does work to lessen your chance of it ruining your mood and beautiful hair!



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