Rouge Bunny Rouge For Love Of Roses Original Skin Blush (Orpheline, Habanera, Delicata, Gracilis) Review + Swatches!

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For Love of Roses Gracilis Blush.jpeg
This is #034 Gracilis For Love Of Roses Blush in its cool mauve-rose beauty.

I happen to believe that the purpose of makeup is to enhance our natural beauty.  Yet, we are at the mercy of designers that dictate the latest cosmetic trends to best serve their runway creations.  Most of the time, the average woman can easily wear the new shades and techniques.  Despite the impact they may have for couture, some beauty trends  just don’t work well for average women like chaotic scribbling on the lid or below the eye with liner to blue-tinted lips that in the past would indicate heart conditions are just two such examples.  However, European luxury brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, understands the importance of not tampering with what nature intended with the timeless elegance of their cosmetic line like what you can expect wearing their For Love Of Roses Original Blushes.

This line of powder blushes consists of five becoming shades that include #036 Orpheline, #033 Delicata, #034 Gracilis and #038 Habanera that I was sent along with a pale coral in Starlina.  

Unlike some powder blushes, the For Love of Roses formula graces cheeks with more sheer color that melds into skin like it surfaced from within the complexion instead of laying on top of the skin like a colored powder.  The glow is subtle to make cheeks bloom with genuine loveliness that does wear well for hours without fading.  

swatches of For Love Of Roses four blushes.jpeg
Starting on the left is Habannera, Orpheline, Delicata with Gracilis on the right by my wrist.

As to shades themselves, Orpheline is a warm strawberry color that can instantly whip health into cheeks with the freshness it can add.

Orpheline For Love Of Roses Blush.jpeg
This is Orpheline.

Delicata is a very gentle warm beige-nude color with just traces of pink and peach that seems to dance across the cheeks with grace.  Besides using as a blush, Delicata is wonderful as an understated bronzer over some traditional bronzers.

Delicata For Love Of Roses Blush.jpeg
Here is Delicata.

Habanera is another warm shade with red-brown tones ripened with sunny hues and rose to give it life.

Habbannera For Love Of Roses blush.jpeg
This one is Habanera.

Gracilis is more neutral to a cool shade that makes brilliant use of mauve and rose.

If you hate your makeup looking obvious and prefer a look that will give you classic elegance, I highly recommend trying Rouge Bunny Rouge and their quality line of cosmetics such as these For Love Of Roses Original Blushes ($35)!


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  1. Brenda
    November 24, 2016 / 3:24 am

    What a great idea, to have makeup that doesn't look too obvious. I would love to add a healthy glow to my cheeks. I also like how pretty the design is on the blush. Thanks for the review.

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