A Christmas Memory Box Is a Great Holiday Tradition

A Christmas Memory Box Is a Great Holiday Tradition Cat Sitting on Christmas Memory Box
Everyone wants to contribute to the Christmas Memory Box!


Ever since I was a small girl, I remember one holiday tradition that my family always made sure to do. At the time, I never thought much of it until years later now that some family members have passed.  Being an adult, I now appreciate what my family’s Christmas Memory Box was all about.  Therefore, I thought that I would like to share our family’s holiday tradition with you so you can also make your future Christmases even more special.

A Christmas Memory Box Can Make Holidays More Memorable

Usually on Christmas Eve after dinner, we would pull out this decorated box that was adorned with our holiday art work from grade school.  Inside, there would be sheets of paper with our names and dates where we would jot down what was so special about that particular Christmas that we wanted to remember forever.

A Christmas Memory Box Keeps Memories Alive

You would think it was all about what gifts you got that year.  However, it was so much more than that. One note was about a turkey that my grandmother, an experienced cook, made for Christmas dinner that we couldn’t eat.  It was the year of vegetables and no one said a word about it.  My grandmother is no longer here, but I always remember what a wonderful Christmas we had that year together.

You may think a Christmas Memory Box can’t possibly sweeten your Christmas, but I promise you it will!



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