Coloring Hair Tips When Dying Hair the First Time

Hair Coloring Tips When Coloring Hair the First Time With three different hair colors
Be safe instead of sorry with these two important hair coloring tips!


Perhaps, you finally decided it was time to start coloring your hair at home.  If so, let me share some helpful hair coloring tips when dying your hair for the first time that can save you from regrets later.

For your very first attempt, I suggest starting off with more of a short term commitment when you shop for that box of hair color.  After all, you may not like the color, which may look differently when all over head compared to the treated clipped piece of your hair you may do beforehand. Therefore, you might ease into the process with a temporary, semi-permanent (lasting 6-12 shampoos)  or demi-permanent hair color ( lasting around 12-24 shampoos) instead of a permanent variety.

A novice may be confused when scanning the rows of hair color boxes on display.  It is a mistake to think the photo with the model showing the hair color is going to show up on your own head.  Instead, a box that is labeled warm like a golden brown is a bit lighter than one labeled cool such as ash brown or medium brown.  Here is how to compliment skin tone through hair color.

The second thing that you always must do is to make sure to do the patch test with the hair color and developer on your arm as directed before attempting to color your hair.  If you skip this one step, you could end up in a world of trouble from a burning scalp, itching to breathing problems that could force you to the emergency room due to an allergy.

You can develop an allergic reaction at any time, whether for the first time or a hundred times, does not matter.  So please keep these hair coloring tips in mind and the only thing that will happen is beautiful hair!


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