How to Improve the Look of Scars More Quickly


Skeptical beauty with fishnet gloves and hands to her face pixabay image
This beauty had her doubts at first.


If you regularly read my blog, then you are aware that I had a small scar from a facial peel that I had used. Though it wasn’t all that big, it made me feel self-conscious that others might notice it, despite my efforts of trying to mask it.

I tried several different types of products to alleviate this problem.  Some helped more than others to a certain point.  Therefore, I continued to try various other products to help it along.

Keep in mind that the older the scar, the longer fading it can take.  Thus, be patient and realistic that your attempts to minimize it could take time.  Of course, your skin and severity of the scar also can play a part in the final result so you may need to experiment with what product works best for you.  Nonetheless, you could always see improvement like I have.

You might want to try a Vitamin K cream.  Some people have noticed fading of more recent scars in as little as two weeks.   On the other hand, older scars can take nearly two months or longer.

Pure Cocoa Butter is another product that helps scarring.  It is also a method that can make you hungry with its yummy scent.  Many women are aware of how helpful cocoa butter is for rubbing tummies after pregnancy.

Another suggestion is applying lavender essential oil to the scar.  Again, this won’t work overnight, but it can help minimize scars through the long haul.

Vitamin E oil is another product that may help the scar.

I am still working on mine, but keep seeing it fade further and further all the time.  Hopefully, you’ll benefit just as much.


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