Clean Glass Carafe Stains From Your Coffee Maker

filled coffee mug with letters imposed in the drink
You will be shocked at how this simple tip works for making your coffee pot look like new again.



Here is a beauty tip, however, it is not for your face or body.  Instead, this one involves your coffee maker’s glass carafe or any stained glassware, especially with holiday entertaining in the works when you want everything to be perfect.  Prepare to be surprised by this tip for how easily it is to clean glass carafe stains from your coffee maker or other glassware can be.

The first step to thoroughly clean glass carafe stains is washing  the carafe of the coffee maker as usual.  Then, take about a teaspoon of regular table salt and wipe the moistened carafe with your dish rag.  You won’t even need to rub very hard with how easily the stains come out.  Afterwards, I just suds it again and was totally amazed once I rinsed.

My carafe now looks new since I started treating it with salt.  Trust me, but you’ll appreciate how simple and wonderful this cleaning tip is for restoring the beauty of glassware!



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