Liquid Liner Tips That Help Enhance Eyes to the Max


eye with liquid liner.
Looking your best was never easier!


Regardless of the brand of liquid liner that you prefer, you can enhance your eyes even more if you also learn to work with their shape before applying.  Therefore, I have a few suggestions that can help beautify those eyes with these liquid liner tips.


Liquid Liner Tips for Best Enhancing According to Eye Shape 


For those with small or hooded eyes, you can open them up more simply by drawing the line as close to the lashes as possible.  Try not to lay down a heavy line but more of a slender one or risk the eyes looking smaller.

The larger eyes you have, the thicker the line can be.

If you happen to have deep-set eyes, your goal is to bring them out.  Ringing the eyes with the blackest liner can only push them further into your face.  Instead, a brighter liner can do wonders.

Then again, you may have close-set eyes.  To alter what you got, try this little trick.  Start your line just beyond the middle of the upper lids, working to the outer corners before you’ll want to wing out.

Of course, almond eyes always look their most beautiful with a line that progresses to a graceful wing at the end.

I hope these liquid liner  tips will help you achieve even more from your liquid liner to make you lovelier than you already are!


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