Mally Beauty Shimmer, Shape & Go Sticks Review


Shimmer, Shape & Go Sticks
These chubby sticks pack a lot of  useful beauty power. 


Regardless of your face shape, I believe every face can benefit from contouring, highlighting as well as blush to give it definition.  Through shadow and light, you can almost rearrange bone structure to perfect a face and enhance it further through beautiful, healthy color.  A convenient way to achieve that needed facial artistry is with Mally Beauty’s Shimmer, Shape & Go Sticks that I was sent for this review.

Unlike Mally Beauty’s original Shimmer, Shape & Go in the powder form, this 3-Piece Face Defining System comes in three sticks of contour, highlight, and blush in Lighter or Darker shades also.  Though I loved that first set and made that fact known in my review, I must admit I am even more excited over the same system that was PR kindly sent for my review in stick form.

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My set is the Lighter system.  What I did was to start with the champagne chubby highlighter by creating a C shape on cheekbones to the brow area. This gave a lovely glow. Next, I sucked in my cheeks and went with the subtle contour beige-tan shade there and under my jaw line, starting from my ear to work my way down to slim.  I rolled the rosy warm pink stick on the apples of my cheeks and admired how well the color brightened my face.

If truth is known, there are so many reasons why I love this new version of Shimmer, Shape & Go even more.  They can give the complexion more dewy luminosity compared to the powder.  Besides that, they can save time by how quickly they apply.  The formula is creamy and blends effortlessly into the skin for a warmer, authentic application.  My final reason is these sticks don’t take up much space whether in my handbag or makeup bag.

If you’re thinking of new holiday makeup or looking for cosmetic gifts, then I recommend Mally Beauty’s Shimmer, Shape & Go Sticks because they really are incredible!



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