Vehicle Prep for Winter Road Emergencies

Vehicle Prep for Winter Road Emergencies Truck in Snowstorm
Weather can change quickly so be prepared to handle it. 


Winter is not my favorite season.  Though some people look forward to all the snow for skiing, ice skating and sledding, I feel differently.  Even though a fresh coat of snow paints a beautiful picture or watching the falling snowflakes from the warmth of your home can be mesmerizing, I view it more as an obstacle course as far as winter driving is concerned with the ice and frigid temperatures that always seem to accompany it. Therefore, now is the time to get your car, van or truck prepped just in case you find yourself suddenly caught by surprise or stranded on the side of a road somewhere when that snow starts to fall.

In case you take the ice scraper and brush out of your vehicle during warmer months, now is the time to pack it for cleaning the windshield.  To stay safe, you need a clear field of vision, not an obstructed one. That brush is a must since it can save you from an accident if you don’t swipe off piled up snow on your car’s roof and it falls to block your view.


Vehicle Prep for Winter Road Emergencies Cars parked on road with black ice
Black ice presents extra unseen problems for winter driving misery.


Throw in an extra jacket or coat to keep warm with as well as a heavy blanket to cuddle up with.  How many times have you seen people driving at this time of year without a coat or jacket?  Ask yourself what it would feel like if your vehicle suddenly stalled during a snow storm or broke down in a remote location?

Your vehicle might already have jumper cables and flares in your emergency road kit.  If you don’t have those, then they are good things to have when you’re on winter roads.

Keep an emergency food stash on hand.  You might want to pack some granola bars or nuts.  Eating can help keep you warmer.

You also want to include a first aid kit.  If you already have one in your vehicle, check expiration dates on any antibiotic cream or pain reliever, etc. While you’re examining the contents, make sure that you have replaced the number of bandages or other products that you used in the past.

A bag of kitty litter or sand also is wonderful to equip your vehicle with.  It helps cars more than heavier vehicles like trucks and vans with traction, but it comes in handy when landing up stuck on a slippery patch. Scattering some under the tires can give you the traction to escape imprisonment of your vehicle by snow.

Vehicle Prep for Winter Road Emergencies Snow Covered Roads
While snow is beautiful, it also can be deadly.

Most of us always keep a flashlight somewhere in our vehicle.  Check the batteries to see if they still work.  Another suggestion is you might want to trade that flashlight for one that has a battery-free hand-crank. This type can be more helpful when it starts to get dark while you’re stuck on the road and attempting to find the hood latch compared to blindly trying to locate it with your regular flashlight.

Perhaps, you might be traveling alone during a storm with freezing temperatures.  If you get out of the car to check a tire or grab something from your trunk, you want to  make sure that your door locks don’t freeze.  Keep a small bottle of perfume in your glove department or handbag to spray on your door lock because it can help you get back inside by having the ability to melt it, if it froze over in the meantime.

Here’s wishing that no future winter road problem happens to you.  Nonetheless, it is always better to be safe than sorry so do go over this list and prepare!



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