Korres Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum Review


Korres Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum
Beauty abounds in this unique Korres Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum!



Just in time for holiday gift buying, Korres, the Greek Apothecary, released their Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum.  This oriental-floral fragrance has warm spicy and fresh notes that give it a soft, yet irresistible sexiness for an unexpected take on rose and woods.

Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum opens with a tart brightness from bergamot, green notes, green mandarin and apple. Though attention getting in its snappy freshness, the sweetness of the licorice top note dials down the crisper green in a pleasant way.

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As the fragrance warms in the heart with woods, rose, whisky and cedar, it develops a velvety richness and sophistication to that subtle sweetness from the spiked mix of rose and woods.  The result is flowery but at the same time, earthy and masculine with this combination of woods, whisky to the floral. Personally, I would describe this Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum, a scent either sex could wear over restricting it solely to feminine or masculine.

By the time it dries down in the base, the more alluring it becomes as heart notes are tempered with the oak and amber base notes, enveloping this sensual fragrance with an inviting creaminess that you want to cozy up to.

Do check out Korres Limited-Edition 20 L’Eau de Parfum ($52) for yourself or when you’re making out your holiday gift list because it is a wonderful, unique rose fragrance that I now adore.



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