An Anti-Aging Contouring Trick That Works Miracles

An Anti-Aging Contouring Trick That Works Miracles loose powder, brush and mirror
You can give your aging face a mini lift using the right cosmetic.


As you know, you can do a lot with makeup to change the dimensions of your face.  Contouring products can help when strategically placed.  However, you might want to try a matte bronzing powder to downplay problems with saggy cheeks, neck or jowls.  Let me show you a helpful anti-aging contouring trick that really can make a wonderful difference diminishing the severity of this problem.

To make this gentler contouring work when attempting this anti-aging contouring trick, you don’t want that matte bronzer to be overly orange in color but more golden brown or pink brown.

What you do is lightly brush some of bronzer under your cheekbones, chin, and along the jawline.  Be sure to blend carefully in the process.

Next, dust just a little loose transparent powder over top of your work or just buff with a clean powder brush to artfully blend and tone any excess down.

When you’re finished with this anti-aging contouring trick, your chin and cheeks will seem to have more lift!

I hope that you read another helpful post of mine on avoiding makeup mistakes that can add years to an aging face.



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