An Easy Hair Care Trick That Will Save You Blowout Time!

two long-haired smiling women.jpeg
These beauties are excited that they found a better way to cut down drying time.

Since my hair is quite thick, it takes extra time to dry it.  However, there is a way to speed up how long you need to blow dry it that I always used to rely on before I had so many layers cut into my hair that I thought you might want to try.  This hair tip works the best for when your hair is longer and all one length, but it is a wonderful way to finish up drying faster.

All you need to do is apply some leave-in hair conditioner after you shampoo and tightly secure your hair into a ponytail.  Make sure the hair is forced back enough to hug your head.  This tightness is what will gives you the smoothness at the top when you later release it when still damp from air-drying in the ponytail to finish last-minute blow drying. 

I hope you try this hair care tip because it does come in handy when you’re rushed for time.


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