Fuego Box January 2017 Review


Fuego Box January 2017
If you want to fire up taste, a hot sauce subscription can help.


For some reason, I can never tire of my hot and spicy food obsession.  This is why I am so drawn to hot sauces for firing up flavor like Fuego Box.  With a hot sauce subscription, I am always discovering new ways to excite my taste buds like what I found in my Fuego Box January 2017.

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The best part of Fuego Box is how special these small-batch, artisan sauces are that arrive.  For $29.95 per quarter with free shipping, you can expect three of the most unique hot sauces you can possibly imagine along with a card with the ideal ways to enjoy each.  If you prefer buying one box at time, you can also do that for $12.95 with a $5.00 shipping charge.

Fuego Box January 2017 was another winning month.  For example, Zana Sauce has cayenne peppers, spices and veggies that produce a well-rounded hot sauce of medium heat that tastes great on a variety of dishes from chicken, vegetables, sandwiches, etc.

Formosa Jalapeno is delightful with moderate jalapeno peppers and spices with a hint of smoky flavor that arrived in the Fuego Box January 2017. This is another sauce that can be used on practically anything.  I had some on scrambled eggs, but try it on pork, beef, chicken as well or in marinades.

The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce (Red) is different from their original green version, but just as wonderful with more tomatoes to their choice spices.  I consider this sauce to have a milder heat.  It also is one that is very versatile from enjoying with eggs, chicken, fish, etc.

If you are fond of hot, spicy tastes, then you really owe it to yourself to try Fuego Box because the selection never disappoints or does the value for what arrives.  Try it and you’ll soon see yourself.



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