Dry Eye Nutritional Relief You May Want to Try

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Diet  plays a part in the health of our eyes.


Anyone with dry eyes knows how uncomfortable this condition can be.  The only recourse seems to be adding artificial tears.  However, there is something else that you may also want to try if you suffer by exploring dry eye nutritional relief.

You may want to start adding more vitamin A to your diet to help relieve dry eyes.  The best sources are sweet potatoes, carrots, winter squashes, dark leafy green, bell peppers, fish, liver, tropical fruits, dried apricots, pumpkin, and cantaloupes.  You can also get more of this vitamin from eggs, plain yogurt, tomato juice, skim milk, and foods like ricotta cheese for taking advantage of this form of dry eye nutritional relief.

According to some studies, supplementing with high doses of Vitamin A when supervised by your physician can bring relief.  Nonetheless, avoid self-medicating because Vitamin A can be toxic and accumulate in your system. It also can interfere with your current medications such as any cholesterol lowering drugs.

Therefore, start incorporating more Vitamin A rich foods into your life and do ask your doctor about what amount of this vitamin is safe for you at your next visit.  If so, introducing more of this particular vitamin into your diet or supplementing accordingly through your doctor could help keep the eyes better moisturized and less irritated.

Vitamin D is another nutrient that those with dry eyes could be lacking enough of.  Without sufficient Vitamin D, the eyes are more prone to inflammation according to another study.

Foods with the highest Vitamin D levels are fatty fish with all their omega-3s fatty acids like herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon, albacore tuna, and lake trout are great choices when considering dry eye nutritional relief.  You also may think more dairy products, cheese and egg yolks.   Check labels in the dairy case or cereal aisle for products that state  it was enriched with Vitamin D such as orange juice, soy milks to items like cereals.

As simple as merely supplementing your nutrition, you could notice improvements for the comfort level of your eyes from just trying some dry eye nutritional relief.


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