How to Maximize Winter Bronzer Beauty


How to Maximize Winter Bronzer Beauty Woman brushing on bronzer
You won’t have to run out and buy a new bronzer just tweaking your application makes a difference.


The winter season has most of us spending a majority of time indoors.  As a result, our complexions become paler and more washed out.  Your first thought may be to pile on the bronzer.  However, you suddenly notice what worked so well only a few  months ago looks overly done from all that color.  Yet, you don’t need to run out and necessarily buy a new bronzer.  Instead, you just may want to think about getting a new brush for maximizing your winter bronzer beauty!

If you’re noticing that the brush that you were using is depositing too much color, then you want to switch to a brush that has fewer hairs.  A less dense brush like a fan-shaped brush has a limited number of strategically positioned hairs that are spread out so the likelihood of picking up too much powder is eliminated.

You might also want to try double-dipping using your powder brush first in your loose transparent face powder before swiping it over your bronzer for another way for capitalizing on your winter bronzer beauty.  Afterwards, blend, blend, blend until you get the color dispersed properly and the amount you need.

One last thing that you can try to tone down the harsher summer color of that bronzer is by scraping a bit of the bronzing powder off from your compact and mixing with a little of a moisturizer in the palm of your hand. This winter bronzer beauty trick sheers down the color enough to keep it natural looking and more appropriate for your winter face.



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