The Best Pedicure Tips for Beautiful Feet


 Pedicured Feet from the Best Pedicure Tips for Beautiful Feet
Make it a habit to keep feet healthy by sanitizing all metal nail tools after every use for beautiful toe nails.


Many of us spend more time concentrating on our manicures than pedicures because our hands are always on display.  Yet, our feet deserve the same tender loving care to keep them comfortable as well as beautiful. Therefore, you might want to know some of the best pedicure tips for beautiful feet and the best way to go about it.

Before you begin, one of the best pedicure tips for beautiful feet I find it is always a good idea to remove old nail polish first. Next, soak your feet in some warm, soapy water for at least 10 minutes or so.  Feel free to add some soothing Epsom Salt for extra help with tired, sore feet.  Soaking helps make hard nails easier to clip.

Instead of immediately using my pedicure scissors or clippers to trim nails, I have been in the habit of soaking all my metal nail tools in rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria for about 30 minutes before storing in a closed container after each use. You can even keep those disinfected nail tools in a zip-lock plastic bag once they dry.  Sanitizing even your own tools will help keep your nails healthier.

After you dry and clip those softened toe nails, I like to use some sort of dry-file or battery-operated pedicure tool to get rid of any rough skin on the heels or calluses.

Once I clean my feet again and wipe dry, I grab my manicure stick to push back cuticles and clean under the nails if necessary.

After I finish, I never neglect generously rubbing some foot cream or lotion over those clean feet.  The cream or lotion softens, stimulates circulation, deodorizes, and leaves them silky smooth and fragrant.

Next, if I feel like painting my toe nails then I grab some nail color and give them at least two coats, allowing enough time between coats for each to dry, followed by a top coat for extra protection.

Hopefully what I shared with some of my best pedicure tips for beautiful feet with you will help to keep your feet healthier and better looking than ever!


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