How to Make Your Own Instant Plant Fertilizer Out of What You’re About to Throw Away!

amaryllis plants.jpeg
Your house plants will love this  DIY home fertilizer!

You probably are aware of the value of saving your old eggshells and crushing them up for your garden plants.  However, there is another way to speed up the fertilizer effect for your indoor plants using those discarded eggshells by making a home solution.

What I like to do after making a batch of eggs is soaking the shells in a covered container for at least a day or two.  Once the solution has time to set, pulling the nutrients from the shells, the fertilizer solution is ready.

All that is left to do is to scoop out the old eggshells and then feed the houseplants.

Saving those eggshells and treating your own indoor plants with this home solution at least once a week will help them thrive.  Try it yourself and see!


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