Mally Beauty 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation (Fair, Light) Review–For the Complexion You Always Wanted!

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4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundations.jpeg
This powder foundation puts a natural soft focus on the complexion.

A powder foundation is perfect for someone that hates the feel of liquid foundation.  Another strong point is the convenience of grabbing your flat top brush and swirling the powder for a fast application when you’re rushed.

The 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation from Mally Beauty has a fantastic silky texture from a blend of aloe leaf extract and coconut oil among the ingredients in this superfine powder. 

PR sent me the Fair and Light for this review.  However, there are three other shades available.  With my pale warm coloring, Fair seemed to be the better choice.

Mally Beauty 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation (Fair, Light),jpeg
Fair is on the left with the Light shade on the right.

What I really like about this powder foundation is how lightweight it feels against the skin like you are wearing practically nothing.  Yet, it still offers beautiful coverage that seems to look impeccably natural as it softly adheres to the skin.

The trick for applying the 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation ($33) is making sure not to go overboard with laying down too much powder.  After you swirl your brush, then tap some excess off before you want to begin buffing.  You don’t want to rush these small coats of powder, but carefully blend as you move along your face.  If you stick to this technique, your pores and small flaws seem to disappear instead of accumulating with powder if you use too much.

I really liked the velvety effect that the Mally Beauty 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation offers.  Check it out and see for yourself because I think you’ll love it.


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