Best Ever Pizzelles Recipe

You can also make your own ice cream cones when you make your  own pizzelles!


Delicately flavored to perfection with amaretto and anise extract, you will love this recipe for my Best Ever Pizzelles. The dough is thicker than you would expect and this is so much less expensive than buying them.  My pizzelle iron paid for itself many times!

Besides how delicious these thin, waffle-like cookies are, I am especially drawn to pizzelles since they are so to make. These Italian cookies are less time consuming than making other cookie recipes. After all, the most work that involved is gathering the ingredients, mixing and then loading them into your pizzelle maker.

These are versatile cookies that you can even form into yummy ice cream cones, use for luxurious ice cream sandwiches, or enjoy plain.  In fact, you can also make cannoli out of them by stuffing them with a sweetened ricotta filling for another sensational possibility.

To make ice cream cones, take a warm, freshly made pizzelle and wrap each soft cookie around your cone form.   You can find cone forms where you buy baking supplies.

If you don’t particularly care for that licorice flavor from using anise or want other delectable options for your taste buds, you can also substitute other extracts. For changing up the flavor, I have made these cookies with vanilla or orange extract. Both choices were very good as well.

I do hope that you try my pizzelles recipe sometime because it really is very good!


Best Ever Pizzelles


12 eggs (separated)
2 cups butter that has been melted and is cool
2 cups sugar
5 teaspoons of baking powder, leveled
4 to 5 cups of flour
3 tablespoons of amaretto or brandy
1 teaspoon of anise extract


Beat the egg whites until you see stiff peaks.

Take the other ingredients and beat those in another bowl which then is folded into those egg whites.  Place this into your refrigerator and the next day you can make pizzelles!



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