Some Simple Skin Care Tips That Can Help Turn Your Complexion Around!

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This beauty takes her skin care seriously and it shows!

I have been asked what my secret is for beautiful skin.  If you’re hoping to improve the look of your complexion, then let me share some essential skin care tips that definitely can help you as much as it does for me.

To begin with, there is no magical one beauty cream that can change what heredity has dealt you as far as your complexion is concerned.  Use a formula of a moisturizer or anti-aging cream geared to your complexion type to nourish it properly.  Make sure that your skin care has active ingredients like retinol and moisturizing hyaluronic acid for helping stimulate collagen and cell turnover for younger skin.

What else that is important is how you apply those skin care creams, lotions and serums.  Limiting the amount of pressure that you use or randomly swiping the product on without thought can be working against your anti-aging efforts.  Instead, try patting the product in as gently as possible to keep from overly stretching tissues.

Regardless of how tired you might be, never  go to bed with any traces of makeup still on your face.  This can clog pores and leave to breakouts.

I honestly believe that the best thing that you can do to resurface your skin is making it a point to exfoliate. My preference is every two or three weeks with a peeling pad over any type of exfoliating granules that may mar skin through irregular size beads.  Peeling pads are powerful enough to reach deep into the skin to help remove all those silicones and makeup grime that may be lingering despite our best efforts so that new cells have a chance to emerge.

Another thing that I think that makes a difference to your complexion is working out even minimally.  When you get your heart pumping, you get better blood flow to the skin.   Even if you only have time to exercise once or twice a week, your complexion will benefit.

Diet is also something that can play a factor into the health of your complexion.  Drinking more water to flush out toxins and eating more vegetables and fruits, especially ones with lots of vitamin A, E and C can help protect and renew.

Hopefully, these skin care tips that I shared and personally follow will help you discover more beautiful skin, too!


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