Makeup Tips to Look Fresher Instead of Tired

Makeup Tips to Look Rested Instead of Tired Woman Hiding her Lack of Sleep
This beauty doesn’t need to hide now that she knows how to do her makeup for a sleepless night.


We all have occasional sleepless nights.  Regardless of the reason that had us staring at the ceiling or mindlessly thinking, the next morning our drained faces pay the price with deep circles and overall exhaustion.  We can’t always have the luxury of crawling back in bed so here are some makeup tips to look fresher that can help revive a tired face.

Once you manage to dare a look in your mirror, you might notice that your complexion is extra dull that morning.  After you wake the skin up by washing and rinsing, you might want to gently exfoliate with a product that contains alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid.  An exfoliating peel pad makes the task simple, but you have other options that you may prefer at your disposal.

Skin care products with specific ingredients are among other makeup tips to look freshener when you are robbed of sleep. You can also try applying eye creams or serums that have caffeine, vitamin K, and antioxidants.  This will further help reduce puffiness by draining some of the trapped fluid in the eye area.

In spite of how rushed you are, but this sort of morning is where you don’t want to skip your concealer. Try one that is one shade lighter than you foundation.  If you go too light, then you’ll only be calling more unwanted attention to the rings around your eyes by making them too white.  However, if you have extreme darkness that you can’t camouflage despite your products, then read my earlier post with some helpful advice with eye makeup tips to look fresher even when the darkness is extreme.

Another trick that seems to downplay a tired look is using liner to open up the eyes. On days like this, skip a heavy black line and go with a deep brown like an espresso color. This shade will contrast against the whites of the eyes more naturally and magically seem to make the eyes to appear brighter and more awake with this softer definition.

What else I think is helpful is adding some extra color to the face.  Something that I like to do is pull out my tinted moisturizer or BB cream over my normal foundation followed by a fresh pop of blush color and lip color, of course.

With any luck, you won’t need to worry about using these tired face makeup tips to look fresher too often.  However, they do help when that occasional sleepless night happens so do keep them in mind.



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