Why Changing Foundations for Aging Skin Helps


Why Changing Foundations for Aging Skin Helps older woman wearing hat
This beauty doesn’t need to hide because she is foundation savvy.


If your complexion is aging, then you probably have noticed how some foundations tend to gather in lines and wrinkles more than your younger days.  Therefore, you need to think seriously about your foundation formula to avoid this problem.

Instead of turning to matte and heavy, dry foundation formulations, you would be doing your face a kindness by lightening up with a dewier or more moisturizing formula that won’t accumulate in those lines and wrinkles.

You want that foundation formula also to benefit your complexion by casting more light over the skin to help it glow with light-reflecting particles, which tends to make it appear younger.   On the other hand, a matte or heavy, dry foundation will only sit flatly on your face like a mask to announce your age to the world.

Less can do more and work to your advantage when you have lines and wrinkles that you want to play down.  Another great option for an aging complexion is turning to BB creams or tinted moisturizers. These can give you great coverage, protection, and skin care all in one step.

You might be surprised at the beautiful difference that changing foundations for aging skin makes once you have the right foundation formula working for you–-instead of against.

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