Winter is Here But Spring is Right Around the Corner–Garden Planning Starts Now!

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Chase away your winter blahs with thoughts of spring.

Winter is here and you’re probably looking back at some missed resolutions from 2016, but now is when we need to plan ahead.  Spring is right around the corner.  My favorite time of the year is when we emerge from the dark cold winter season and things are starting to pop up from the soil.  Birds are singing and the colors of flowers replace the fields of white snow in our yards.

Yet, to really have a nice garden you have to think ahead and order your seeds and plants now.  Of course, you could always just go to the garden center in the spring and shop.  They will have a nice selection of flowers and vegetable plants in plastic containers for you to buy.

Your neighbors bought the same flowers you did last year.  And did you notice your tomatoes didn’t taste like your grandparents?  They grew tasty tomatoes you could never duplicate.  Well, do what they did.  Start seeds in some flats.  

Check your growing zone and see when the last frost is going to hit and have your plants ready to go into the ground then.  You’ll save money and grow flowers and vegetables your neighbors won’t find in the store. Then they will ask you where did you buy those?  

However, you need to shop the seed web sites soon to make your choices and order.  Burpee and Park Seeds are great sources for seeds that will dazzle your neighbors and provide you with loads of food from a small garden.  If you want to confuse your family and friends try out the heirlooms.  I found places like Baker Creek Heirloom Seed to have some awesome seeds for plants. For example, how about a black tomato or an eggplant that looks like it is growing actual eggs (I guess that’s how they got their name)?  

For me this planning for spring gets rid of the winter blahs.  The days are short but are getting longer and this garden planning will help you recharge you mentally and dazzle your family and friends with unique flowers and amazing fruits and vegetables from your gardens.


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  1. Jayne Morehouse
    January 2, 2017 / 6:42 pm

    I just brought 5 primroses home. Love them so much! Happy New year!

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