BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminoso Dryer Review


BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminoso Dryer
Meet what could be the new best friend of your thick hair, BaByliss  PRO ITALO Luminoso Dryer!


If you’re struggling trying to find the best dryer to handle thick hair because you’re thinking of replacing your current one because it is not powerful enough, then let me tell you about my new BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminosa Dryer that arrived for this review.

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This model happens to be a workhorse of a dryer with 2,000 watts for faster drying time that uses ceramic heat technology, which is ideal for locking in the hair’s moisture while adding extra shine. It also came with a narrow concentrator nozzle when you are directing that hair in a specific spot.

Something else that was nice to find inside the box was eight removable, extra filters meant to be attached to the rear of the dryer. Those filters do accumulate with dust and hair over time so finding a bag was great thinking.  Trying to clean an unremovable filter out is challenging because it is usually firmly attached.

 BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminoso dryer
You get two thousand watts of styling power is behind BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminosa dryer.

Besides speeding up my blow-drying time, I loved the extra long nine-foot cord for easier maneuvering. Shorter cords can pose a problem when trying to plug into the nearest outlet.  However, the BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminosa gives you plenty of room to reach electrical outlets, regardless of how idiotically they were placed in your home.

Another advantage of this BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminosa dryer is the four heat/speed settings and the cold shot switch for locking in extra shine and curl.  A cold shot switch is a must, if you ask me for really blowing in a gorgeous style with the extra hold it gives when you use a brush to curl and then aim.

This model has sturdy construction and wonderful air pressure to handle airflow, which you’ll immediately notice when using.  However, the BaByliss PRO ITALO Luminosa dryer does have some weight to it at 1.16 pounds that may feel heavy to some with small wrists after a while.

This was my first experience with BaByliss PRO ($79.95), but I really am impressed with it for the beautiful job that it is doing for my hair.  Try it yourself at ULTA Beauty and you’ll see why I’m in love with my new dryer!



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