Before Your Next Possible Nail Polish Mishap, Try This Nail Tip!

nail polish line.jpeg
This manicure tip can save you time and trouble redoing a freshly painted nail!

Have you ever noticed that some formulations of nail polish are equipped with a better designed brush than others that help you paint within the lines of the nails more accurately? Perhaps, this does not matter to you since you never make mistakes regardless of what the nail enamel product or brush is like.  However, if this does not always apply to you as it does for me with sometimes getting the polish outside the nail and instead on the surrounding skin, then you have two alternatives.

You can use a nail polish remover pen and try to erase the unwanted nail polish in the area.  This method works, but the clean up could also ruin a freshly painted nail, if you got too close in your efforts.  

Yet, I have a tip that can save you some trouble.  What I found that does help is taking a cotton swab with a tiny bit of petroleum jelly and spread it on the sides of the nail first.  Make sure that petroleum jelly avoids the nail and stays on the skin only because the polish will not adhere if any ends up there.

What happens is the petroleum jelly provides enough of a slick surface that the next time you accidentally get some polish on the skin, you can just quickly wipe it off with a tissue or cotton ball!


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