Here’s How to Tame Frizzy Hair

woman with frizzy hair
This beauty is contemplating how much time these frizzy hair care tips would have saved her.


Those of us that are born with natural curls in our hair know it comes with special challenges like frizziness for one.  Here is the help that can get that problem tamed instead of letting it continue to frustrate you. Hopefully, the frizzy hair care tips that I depend on will simplify life for you as well.

The more layers that I get cut into my hair, the more curls pop out on my head.  For times when I have moderate frizz, I always make it a habit to leave a dime-size portion of my instant hair conditioner in after shampooing instead of rinsing it out as you might expect. Use just a small amount to work the knots in your hair free.   Depending on the length  and texture of your hair, you might need more or less. Believe it or not, my hair is shinier and smoother after styling.

For when you have overly frizzy hair, my stylist taught me this trick to use once a week that works like a charm.  You will need a hairnet and light leave-in conditioner.  The instant conditioner also works if you don’t have any on hand. What you do is to fill that hairnet with plenty of the conditioner.  Use about four times more of the product to totally saturate the hair with ample lubrication.  To that mix, you can even add a little bit of your styling creme for shaping, if you want to work with texture.

After you prepare that hairnet, you want to apply it to your freshly shampooed and still damp hair and wear it for at least 15 minutes.  When that time is up, you don’t rush to the sink to rinse it out.  You’ll want to leave the conditioner in before drying and styling your hair.

You’ll be shocked at how smooth, soft, shiny, and extra manageable that your hair will be. Try these frizzy hair care tips of mine because I know what it feels like when your hair wants to work against you. Trust me, but you will be so glad that you did!




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