How Much Hair Styling Products to Use for Better Hair


 How Much Hair Styling Products to Use for Better Hair Long-Haired Woman
As one that takes her hair seriously, this beauty knows how important these styling guidelines are.


Beautiful, manageable hair is what we always are striving for when we play with our hair. Sometimes though, the outcome of our finished style can be disappointing like when your hair refuses to do what you need and you end up overloading the product.  Instead of helping with texture, you ruin the look. However, you can save yourself some grief according to a few hair stylists I talked to using these recommended amounts of hair styling products.

How Much Hair Styling Products to Use Varies According to Product Form

If a serum is a hair staple to you, then stick with a small, dime-size amount.

Cream styling products are ones that you can use a bit more of, figure the size of a quarter. This amount will give you more than enough control regardless of short, medium or even long hair.

You might prefer wax products.  Being the case, a nickle size amount is all that you should be applying.

Gels are styling products that you can apply more liberally.  Think of the size of a silver dollar when you measure some out.

Mousse products are ones that you can have the most freedom with when dispensing.  Pump out enough to practically fill the palm of your hand.

Regardless of the form of styling product, here is a way that you can double check if you got the amount of hair styling products to use right in case you forget.  What you do is measure out the product and rub it in the palm of your hand to warm it first.  If it starts dripping and making a mess, then stop and wipe some off before taking your hands to your head since you used too much.  Keep this in mind and you will stay beautiful!



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