Lavanila Laboratories Healthy Body Butters (Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Vanilla Lavender) Review

Lavanila Laboratories Healthy Body Butters
On the left is the Fresh Vanilla Lemon with the Vanilla Lavender Health Body Butter on the right.


In my opinion, when a skin care product only has what you need without stuffing it with chemicals that could clog pores and possibly jeopardize your health, then you found a winner like Lavanila Laboratories Healthy Body Butters that I have been lavishing my skin with lately.  PR was gracious enough to send along two of these delectable, all natural body butters in Fresh Vanilla Lemon and Vanilla Lavender.

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The Fresh Vanilla Lemon Healthy Body Butter is what you want to leave your skin smelling invitingly delicious like a sweet lemon dessert with its notes of lemon, watery fruits as well as bamboo centered around the star ingredient of Madagascar vanilla.  I love how long this scent lingers while this non-greasy body butter’s botanicals such as African Shea butter, Kadakum plum and olive oil luxuriously moisturize without parabens, mineral oil, silicone, synthetic colors and petroleum that may accumulate in the body over time.

If the Fresh Vanilla Lemon Body Butter sounded appealing, the Healthy Vanilla Lavender Body Butter is just as special.  Imagine the alluring combination of Spanish lavender and rose mingling in a base of Madagascar vanilla.  Yet, this body butter has so much more to offer than a lovely natural fragrance.  It, too, has amazing botanicals with its formula of essential oils, Shea butter, cocoa butter, and antioxidants that help hydrate and keep skin silky smooth for hours.

Skin needs to be nurtured with healthy ingredients that can let it thrive.  Lavanila Laboratories Fresh Vanilla Lemon and Vanilla Lavender Healthy Body Butters are just two excellent examples.  Check them out!



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