Hand-Crafted Jewelry From M Ference & Co.’s Timeless Engravings Can Help You Shine

Hand-Crafted Jewelry From M Ference & Co.'s Timeless Engravings Zodiac Pendant
Their specialized engraving process gives each piece incredible detail and texture.



A meaningful piece of hand-crafted jewelry from M Ference & Co. is one that you’ll never want to take off. When you find such a special piece, it is a reflection of you so that you may shine your brightest.  Their Timeless Engraving jewelry collection can help to make you do just that.

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It is easy to see what distinguishes this United States company from their competition.  It is their care and precision of jewelry artistry using a 100-year-old Swiss special relief engraving method that produces more intricate, delicate etching that makes their collection unique.

If you want others to find out about your nature according to the stars, you’ll do it in style with the classic beauty of  M Ference & Co. zodiac pendants that you’ll be proud to own or gift someone with. Wearing such a personalized piece of jewelry is a great conversation starter.  Let your friends, or husband, or wife, or lover, or boss to the employee keep guessing about your hidden characteristics to keep them on their toes about mysterious you.  They will be enthralled by that captivating 14-K gold or lavish gold-plate pendant suspended from that riveting etched sun sign of your birth month, mesmerizing them from that sparkling 18-inch curb chain draped around your neck.

All eyes will be focused on that glistening gold medallion, carved with the stunning detailed astrological sign, which can bring a fun vibe to your look through this timeless zodiac expression of style enough to give any outfit an instant update.

Hand-Crafted Jewelry From M Ference & Co.'s Timeless Engravings charm bracelet
M Ference & Co.’s charm bracelets can help you rock those wrists for maximum attention with their innovative designs.

You’ll want the perfect charm bracelet this season. M Ference & Co. can help you make that statement. Their fresh, innovative design features an antique sterling or rhodium-plated zodiac pendant alongside two pure copper charms of your choice.  Personalize it with a distinctive three or a five-petal flower, heart, cross to a star, dangling from a wire bangle.  Instead of the zodiac pendant, you can order the same bracelet with a Saint Christopher (patron saint of travelers) or even a Graduation Day pendant.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it never hurts to have a Saint Christopher pendant for extra protection when on the road or dealing with hardships.  M Ference & Co. has a  14k gold plated Saint Christopher pendant created in1/2 inch diameter and approximately .020 thickness with matching 18” chain that comes in an elegant box that would make a thoughtful gift to show how much you care.

Hand-Crafted Jewelry From M Ference & Co.'s Timeless Engravings Saint Christopher pendant
You or someone that you’re buying for would cherish a meaningful M Ference & Co. Saint Christopher’s pendant.

Another unforgettable way that you can touch someone’s heart or strike a stylish balance due to their unusual charm is also with the 14k yellow gold plated Saint Christopher earrings.  Created in1/2 inch diameter and approximately.02 thick with a 7/16 stainless steel post, this exquisite pair of earrings shows quality as well as workmanship.

Hand-Crafted Jewelry From M Ference & Co.'s Timeless Engravings Saint Christopher earrings
Their Saint Christopher’s earrings can serve as a warm reminder of how much you value that person’s well-being.


Their souvenir Las Vegas pendant crafted in14k gold plate is also eye-catching and can get tongues wagging. The  item is created with 1/2  diameter brass and approximately.025 thick.

Hand-Crafted Jewelry From M Ference & Co.'s Timeless Engravings Las Vegas pendant
Keep others guessing about your vacation with one of their souvenir pendants.


Personalized jewelry pieces from M Ference & Co. can make an impact to set you off from the crowd.  To learn more or shop their hand-crafted jewelry and the Timeless Engravings jewelry collection, visit the company’s website.


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