Some Simple Calming Ways to Redirect Stress


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This beauty is redirecting her stress instead of concentrating on it.


The reality is stress is a part of life.  Regardless of how well adjusted you may be, but everyone is subject to experiencing this emotion at times.  The challenge is not letting it dictate our lives, but instead channeling that energy elsewhere to redirect stress.  Below are some a few helpful methods that could make all the difference for smoother sailing for your mental well-being during those rough times.

Clearing the Mind of Distractions Helps Redirect Stress 


In order to redirect stress, you might want to try focusing in various ways.  Start by clearing your mind even for a moment and taking in a slow, deep breath without any noise or distractions to interpret the act itself.  As you inhale and exhale, the only thing that you should concentrate on is that incoming air that you breathe in and then release.  Feel the muscles involved as you breathe until you notice the rhythm. The more you practice, the more you will better control and end stressful breathing.


Relaxing the Body Also Aids in Redirecting Stress


Another helpful stress reduction trick can come to your aid when you take a bath or shower.  Though your mind is probably elsewhere, again you want to block out the problem and direct your attention to nothing but that feel of the water as it splashes against your skin, the scent of the soap or body wash, the texture of the sponge or washcloth and that foamy lather that you feel as it travels over your body.  Bring a water-safe radio with you and concentrate on the music, even singing along when you feel the problem creeping back into your thoughts.  Instead, savor this bath time and devote it to nothing but sensation. As you do so, you gain a clearer mind.

Pets Offer Unconditional Love That Calms to Redirect Stress


Your dog or cat never judges you, regardless of how poorly some are treated.  Our pets offer unconditional love, which we could learn from their example.   Do yourself a favor and spend a little time petting your furry companion, taking it for a walk or playing ball.  Devoting those few minutes to another, even Fido, can relax and take your mind away from what’s wrong.

Unconnect From the Computer and Devices Helps Calm When Stressed 

Promise yourself that turning off the computer, smart phones and fitness trackers is an option. Though some occupations like medical personnel on call can hardly do this, but most of us can make this choice to set a certain time to unconnect.  The moment that machine is off is when you can unplug your mind as well and focus on something else.

What I shared here are just a few examples of how to stay in the present instead of dwelling on your problems.  Hopefully, you’ll find these focusing techniques helpful in some small way.


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