Try My DIY Oil Reducing Toner for Excess Shine

woman's face with pimples
This beauty is about to discover the amazing skin care benefits of ingredients from the kitchen.


Not so long ago, my complexion was oily.  For me, it was an endless battle trying to keep the shine away despite how hard or as many products that I tried without being overly harsh on my complexion. Desperation drove me to experimenting with natural beauty with ingredients from my kitchen and pantry.  This DIY Oil Reducing Toner is one that I thought I had shared, but apparently overlooked when I was searching through my old posts.

DIY Oil Reducing Toner Helps Protect Against Bacteria for a Clearer Complexion

All you need to have on hand is a bottle of apple cider vinegar.  This is an excellent way to disinfect your face of bacteria, balance the pH level and control oil.  The recipe is simple.  What you do is mix two tablespoons of that vinegar to one-fourth cup of water. Wash your face first, then dip a cotton ball in this toner and swipe it over your face.  Leave this toner on for about 10-15 minutes.  Afterwards, rinse clean.

Though you have many brands of apple cider vinegar to select from, you might want to consider an organic apple cider vinegar like Braggs.  This cloudier variety contains the “mother,” with more proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria than the other varieties and seems to have more beauty power when it comes to skin.

I hope that you give my DIY Oil Reducing Toner recipe a shot because I’ve been there and know how frustrating an oily complexion can be.  Try this and hopefully it will do for you what it did to cut the excessive oil from my skin.



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