Vary Effects of Liquid Foundation With Two Tools


Vary Effects of Liquid Foundation With Two Tools Tapered Brush Tool
Change the tool–and change your look!


Our complexions change periodically due to the seasons or what’s going on internally in our bodies.  As a result, the look we are trying to achieve from our foundation might need some thought to meet the new demands of our face.  Instead of replacing a current foundation, altering our makeup tools can often do the same thing to vary effects of liquid foundation.

For instance, a sponge or beauty blender is what you need to create a sheer look to vary effects of liquid foundation.  Being porous, the sponge, however, sucks up more foundation than your fingers or a brush unlike a beauty blender, which absorbs less. Therefore, lightly dab that loaded sponge or blender and press the foundation into the skin slowly until you get the desired coverage.  Blotting gives you better control of the foundation that you’re laying down. The technique is also much better than using a sweeping motion with your sponge, which can leave streaks of the foundation on your face.

Another thing you want to try to vary effects of liquid foundation is damping the sponge or beauty blender with a little bit of water before dipping into your foundation.  An application like this gives you a fresher, dewier look.  If you skin gets extra oily in the summer, applying your foundation in this way helps the skin breathe more and prevents your makeup from looking wilted.

Something I find extremely helpful is a tapered foundation brush when applying to vary effects of liquid foundation. The reason this type is valuable to me is because it is easier to maneuver around the nose and mouth. Of course, a fatter, flat head foundation brush can sweep the makeup on and blend in the same way, but it can’t get into those tighter areas as precisely as the tapered brush.

Switching out your tools as I suggested can give you more mileage out of that current foundation while providing you with a new look.  Try it and you’ll be pleased, I promise!


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