Age-Proof Your Look–Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream Foundation SPF 15 (Light) Review + Swatches!

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Mally Face Defender BB Cream Foundation.jpeg
In addition to skin care, you’ll love the amount of coverage this Mally Face Defender BB Cream Foundation has!

The more you age, the more care that you’ll want to take with choosing the right foundation to suit your skin’s demanding needs.  If you intend to keep your complexion velvety smooth and flawless while protecting it from the elements, I found that a hard-working BB cream is a great way to go with all the benefits it offers, especially for older, dry complexions.

I always loved Mally Beauty’s foundations for their beautiful color matching and coverage, but never got around to trying their BB cream until the Mally Face Defender BB Cream Foundation SPF 15 (Light) arrived for this review.

swatch of Mally BB Cream Foundation.jpeg
This is a swatch of the Light shade of the Mally Face Defender BB Cream Foundation.

Though I tried quite a few products of this type, the Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream Foundation was one of the best. Besides how lightweight it felt, this oil-free formula melted and blended into the skin to perfect my complexion’s look, this BB cream had impressive coverage for how it doubled almost as a concealer.  

My tool of choice was a flat-top foundation brush for applying.  All I needed was squeezing a small amount and then dabbed a few spots on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin before buffing in a circular motion.

I got to say that my skin had a slightly dewy radiance without any caking into my fine creases or laugh lines. Furthermore, this product had the ability to keep my face looking fresh without the need to touch up with any face powder throughout the hours that I wore it. 

If you’re aging and want to do it gracefully or just want a foundation-like skin care product, which can protect, treat, moisture and still deliver great coverage, I can’t be more pleased with Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($40).  Check it out because it is one of my favorites!  


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