A Fix for Dresser Drawers That Are Hard to Open

A Fix for a Dresser Drawers That Ares Hard to Open Dresser

Nothing irritates me more than a dresser drawer that is hard to budge.  Instead of wasting time trying to yank it every time you need to get in there, I have a great hint that solves that sticking drawer problem once and for all.  Here is a simple fix for dresser drawers that are hard to open that can help you out the next time this happens to you.

Actually, you have several different ways to fix a stuck wooden drawer.  All needed is to get a bar of any soap.  What you do is start rubbing it on the runners of that drawer.  Later when you try that formerly stuck drawer again, it will glide easily!

Here is another trick to help remedy that sticking wooden drawer. You could go to your grocery store near the canning supplies and pick up a package of paraffin.   Paraffin is the wax that seals the canning jars when making home preserves.  This wax can also be rubbed over the runners of the drawer to lubricate them.

Still another way to solve a sticking wooden drawer problem is turning to candle wax.  Get a candle and just rub inside along the sides of that wooden drawer and it will also help it glide better.

I hope that you won’t need to use this fix for dresser drawers that are hard to open, but what I shared here will definitely work as well as end your frustration.


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