Staying Ahead of Makeup Expiration Dates


Staying Ahead of Makeup Expiration Dates
If you value your beauty, you need to read this post on how to keep track of makeup expiration dates.


I used to know when it was time to replace my makeup and skin care by using a small notebook system to stay ahead of makeup expiration dates.  As soon as I bought a new beauty product, I would jot down the date of purchase along with the name of the product.  This worked well enough, but you can occasionally forget to check it often enough or where you last kept that notebook.  However, I found an easier, no-fail way of knowing when it is time to toss and replace those products.

Now what I do to safeguard is to attach a waterproof label to each new product along with the purchase date and expected expiration date. Read my earlier post on when to throw out and restock your beauty products.

Be sure to use a waterproof marker like a fine point Sharpie permanent one or the type of waterproof label that you can print with that info on your laser printer.  Marking it this way is the best preventive measure for keeping that important information from smearing to become unreadable.

There are also apps that you use to send reminders of when to toss and replace.  Some charge a small fee like Beauty Alert, but still others are free online, if this is more to your liking to keep track of makeup expiration dates.

Keeping track of your products can save you from a bacterial infection and possibly worse once those chemical ingredients break down.  I can’t stress enough the need to be careful with the advanced formulas of many of the beauty products that we use these days.

The reason that I am so cautious now is due to a bad experience I had.  I bought this expensive anti-aging product that I was seeing results with, but hated to throw it out with only a bit more to go. Therefore, I kept on using it, thinking that two weeks past expiration should not matter.  What happened was I started feeling some slight burning all of the sudden so I hurried to wash it off.  The next thing I knew, the product ‘s formula had changed enough to burn a small hole on my face.

Another plus about dating your products is you’ll know which ones need to be used first.  Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed with all the products we buy and simply concentrate on our favorites instead of rotating or pitching out what doesn’t work for us.

I hope you give what I said some thought regarding makeup expiration dates because it is better to be safe with your beauty than sorry.



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