Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Foundation Makeup Review


Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Facial Makeup and brush
Honey is the left, then Grapefruit, Adrenaline, Latte, and ending with Caramel bronzer on the right.


What I love about organic foundation makeup is how my complexion responds to pampering organic oils and pure pigments without clogging up pores with synthetic preservatives or toxins. However, I had never heard of Au Naturale Cosmetics until recently and was intrigued with their idea of creme organic foundation makeup, blushes and bronzers in convenient tubes for ease of application.

Au Naturale Cosmetics has 13 organic  foundation makeup shades of their United States formulated Organic Creme Foundation ($38), which is free of parabens, fillers, and any questionable ingredients that could risk health.  Being fair to light skin with warm undertones, I opted to the Honey shade. This creamy foundation spreads well to give medium coverage.  The products looks even better when you wear it with a primer.  It didn’t seem to migrate to my laugh lines or disappear through the hours that I had it on.  As to the Honey shade (Golden Fair), I thought it had a bit too much yellow for my complexion.  Biscay (Fair to Light with neutral undertones) or Sand (Light Beige) shades are ones that I would like to try sometime as a possible better match.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment. Opinions are solely mine.**

swatches of Au Naturale Cosmetics organic facial Makeup
Starting on the left is Latte, Grapefruit, Adrenaline, Honey, and ending with Caramel bronzer on the right.


I used the Au Naturale Cosmetics Foundation Brush ($49) for application.  This is a great vegan brush from its design of a narrow and dense head and the feel of the hairs for maneuvering around the face.  After working with this brush, I definitely need to try more of their brushes and can understand why their Signature Brush Collection sold out.

As to the two Creme Blushers ($32), I thought Grapefruit (neutral gold-pink) and Adrenaline (vivid pink with magenta undertones) would suit my coloring from among their eight shade line.  I was not disappointed in their performance or what they did to beautify my complexion.  The Grapefruit was my favorite for giving my cheeks a fresh bloom of pink-peach health over the deeper pink tones of the Adrenaline color.

To get a sun-kissed glow, I tried two of the three Creme Bronzers ($32) with Caramel (light bronze with golden undertones and a matte finish) and Latte (a light tan matte bronzer with golden undertones). Latte suited my light complexion while the Caramel was a bit too dark and orange-toned for me.

Another thing that I really liked about these creme tubes of foundation, blush and bronzer are how much time you can save putting on your makeup when you’re in a hurry.

I really liked this introduction to Au Naturale Cosmetics and now that I experienced what a few of their products are like, I can’t resist wanting to further explore.  Have you tried this company yet?

Do check Au Naturale Cosmetics out because you’ll love the healthier formulated organic facial makeup, especially the creme tubes of foundation, blush, bronzer, and brushes that I tried.



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