Demure Mineral Cosmetics Review + Swatches


Demure Mineral Cosmetics assorted makeup
Demure Mineral Cosmetics 


When you’re trying to steer clear of chemicals, preservatives, talc, fillers, fragrance, oils, and dyes for fear of what they may do to your health or if your skin reacts to most other products, mineral makeup like the products that arrived from Deluvia may work out better for you.

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I got to try their Demure mineral foundation, blush, finishing powder, concealer, lipstick and assorted brushes, which are made from 100% crushed minerals from the earth for a safer makeup alternative.

Demure Mineral Cosmetics mineral foundations
Light-Warm Mineral Foundation is on top with Light on the bottom.



The Mineral Foundation ($22.50) that I sampled was Light and Light-Warm. The product comes in the familiar plastic jar with the sifter, which I wouldn’t trust to toss in a handbag.  The lid has a tendency to open.

The Light was a cooler pink toned powder compared to the Light-Warm that had some yellow.  These foundations evened out skin tone and flaws with smooth, lightweight feeling coverage, especially with their plush, 100% natural goat-hair Kabuki Brush ($24).  The finish was great except for the overall color was paler than I expected for Light and Light-Warm compared to similar mineral shades that I had used.

My advice is to go darker by one shade, if you want a truer match. For this particular line, I wouldn’t worry if the color was warm or cool. Being fair to light with warm undertones, my usual choice of Light-Warm would probably be Medium, not Medium-Warm in how this company colors their cosmetics.

Of the three shades of Finishing Powder, I chose the Original color ($22.50).  This was a translucent pale beige powder with a silky feel that you could top over a dry or liquid foundation to perfect the complexion even more and prevent shine.

Demure Mineral Cosmetics mineral blushes & kabuki brush
Starting on the left is Satin Rose, Bloom, Peachy with Mauve Blush on the right.

I also sampled four of their Mineral Blushes ($16.25). The Satin Rose (warm pink-brown), Peachy (cinnamon), Bloom (peach-pink), and Mauve (dusky pink-plum). My favorite was the Mauve.

Demure Mineral Cosmetics blush swatches
Here are the blush swatches for you.  Going from left to right is Satin Rose, Peachy, Mauve and ending with Bloom on the right. 


To apply, I received another one of their wonderful 100% natural goat hair brushes.  Their Blush Brush ($18) had a soft feel and did a marvelous job of grabbing hold of the pigment.

 Demure Mineral Cosmetics makeup brushes

These brushes are very nice.  The lip brush retracts easily and is perfect for carrying with you.

They have three loose Mineral Powder Concealers ($16.25) to meet different needs.  The one that I was most curious about was the Yellow Concealer for cancelling out purple and blue tones that are usually associated with under eye circles. I had never tried a powder form for this purpose, but it did mask the problem well enough.

Demure Mineral Cosmetics lipstick swatches
Starting on the left is Sahara Rose, Sweetheart and ending with Mocha Rose Lipstick on the right.


Last of all, I tried a few of their Mineral Lipsticks ($15) in Mocha Rose, Sweetheart and Sahara Rose along with their Retractable Lip Brush ($12), which I loved by the way.  Their lipsticks were excellent for creamy lip comfort, how well they spread and lasting for several hours.

Demure Mineral Cosmetics Lipsticks
The Sahara Rose is on the left with Sweetheart (middle) and ending with Mocha Rose Lipstick on the right.


The quality of Demure Mineral Cosmetics was quite good, but some of their colors are off and will surprise you from what you read on the website description and once you see the actual product.  For instance, Sahara Rose lipstick was described as a rosy-beige, where I found it to be more of an orange shade.  Their Peachy Blush is another, which is described as having a rosy-peach glow.  I saw no rose in the shade, but more brown to orange.

Have you tried any Demure Mineral Cosmetics yet?  If not, browse their website.



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