How to Best Hide a Scar or Pockmark

angled makeup brush
The right tool can help hide your scar while working on minimizing it.


If you are a regular reader, then you know that I once had a bad experience with a skin care product that left me with a facial scar.  Through time and gentle exfoliation, my formerly flawless skin has greatly improved with less of the damage showing.  Out of necessity, I did learn to cover that unexpected, small bit of ugliness up after experimenting with different products and tools to help with that task to hide a scar.

Hopefully, you won’t ever need to hide a scar of any sort, let alone one as an aftermath of an expensive anti-aging product.  Nonetheless, if you have some scars from acne or marks leftover from chickenpox, then I want to share the best method to camouflage them.

What I recommend is not using your fingers to apply your concealer to hide a scar, but a small, angled brush.   The size and angle design makes it easier to maneuver and fill in the irregular indentation of the scar with the product more precisely.

Fingers or a straight design or a wider head of the concealer brush can be clumsy and harder to work. Laying down the concealer using them can look more noticeable since you are more likely to miss and go over the edges of the scar.

As to the concealer, sticking to one shade lighter over the scar also helps since the area is darker.  However, if you have the raised type of scar, then you don’t want to use a lighter concealer as you would for this indented scar technique.  What you need to do is apply a concealer closer to your actual skin color.

Regardless of whether the scar is indented or the raised variety, after you put the concealer on, you’ll want to seal in your work. Lightly dusting some translucent powder over the spot will keep the concealer longer in place.

Take care and try what I suggest here because it is the best method that I found for artfully masking this problem to hide a scar.



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