How to Improve Potted Plant Drainage


How to Improve Potted Plant Drainage Potted Plants
Your indoor plants will thrive using this tip.


I had to give some of my houseplants away because I was running out of room.  Usually, when I would need to transplant them into other clay containers, I put some tiny rocks to help them drain.  Of course, you could buy some to improve potted plant drainage.  However, why bother when you can get the same results for free outside or using something else that you probably are throwing away after buying something online?  I’m talking about those annoying Styrofoam peanuts that always seem to pop out of the boxes and end up sticking to you and all over the floor as you try to take the item you ordered out.

A better way to improve potted plant drainage and recycle at the same time is using those Styrofoam peanuts that arrive in boxes from all the products we buy to protect the items. What I like to do now is save some of those Styrofoam peanuts and pull them out when I am in the mood to replant.  Instead of the small rocks, I put some of those peanuts at the bottom of the planter before the plant and potting soil. What I really like about using those clingy Styrofoam peanuts is that I’m saving the environment while providing a more efficient water delivery system for my indoor houseplants.

As lightweight as those peanuts are, they hold up well when you water.  Furthermore, they are especially great to use when replanting those larger plants that need heavier containers and a lot more soil since they don’t add weight.  Besides making some of those big planters easier to lift, you’ll also appreciate how your plants will thrive because those peanuts are sturdy.

I hope you give gardening tip to improve potted plant drainage a try because your plants will love it!


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  1. gloria patterson
    April 18, 2019 / 2:24 pm

    Years ago when I was planting large outdoor planters I used the styrofoam peanuts in the bottom. It made it so much easier to move those planters if I needed to.

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