How to Make Sure Your Skin Keeps Youthful!

If you want your skin to keep that youthful look, you need to do some changes to your lifestyle.  First on the list, you need to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night so the body can repair itself.  This amount of rest is important to rid yourself of dark circles, eye bags, crows feet and frown lines the more you age.

Second on your list is to get some exercise.  The activity will boost the oxygen and nutrient supply to your skin once your body starts moving that blood around.  In the process, it will remove toxins and will make you surely glow.

Third on the list is a hard challenge, but a necessary one.  For the best skin, you must make the ultimate sacrifice and totally give up sugar.  The reason your skin is better off without sugar is how it can damage collagen and neutralize antioxidants that only can age you.  Sugar has the power to offset the color of your complexion with a grayish cast as well as to make you look  tired and drained.

Look for foods that are sugar-free.  However, to stop yourself from feeling deprived, you can reward yourself with a sugary treat one day a week for a job well done.  Your beautiful skin will appreciate it! 


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