How to Make Your Own Shimmering Hair Styling Gel

How to Make Your Own Shimmering Hair Gel
Loose mineral bronzer or highlight powder like this face illuminizer works in this DIY shimmer for hair.



When you want to give your hair some extra glam, I always found those shimmering hair sprays came in handy for adding a glimmer along with the shine.  Depending on how I style my hair, I don’t always rely on hair spray but other styling products. Therefore, I needed to find another way to make hair shimmer for those times like this DIY shimmering hair gel.

All you need is your loose shimmering powder and hair gel.  A loose glimmering bronzing powder works for dark hair like mine or a loose gold highlighting powder.  Lighter hair would have more success with experimenting loose silver, gold toned or champagne tinged highlighting or similar sparkling body powders. Pink highlighting powders boost a unique radiance for brunettes and redheads also.

What you do is to squeeze out your normal amount of hair gel in the palm of your hand and mix in a little of the loose shimmering powder while your hair is still damp. I usually use about 1/4 of a teaspoon for my hair, but you can add more or less after you see the effect for yourself.

I hope you try my DIY shimmering hair gel recipe for hair because it’s easy and provides a beautiful hold with glimmering finish that you’ll love!



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