How to Save Time and Work With a Weekly Meal Plan

How to Save Time and Work With a Weekly Meal Plan set meal Pixabay image
Let me show you how to spend less time in the kitchen, save money and enjoy healthier meals.


You may think that popping a frozen entree in your microwave is your only option when you’re too busy or tired to cook.  Yet, what if I told you that you will eat healthier meals, save money and even time once you plan out your dinners for the entire week? With a little forethought and organization, I’ll show you how to simplify your life without denying you and your family delicious, home cooked meals with a weekly meal plan.


Organizing a Weekly Meal Plan Helps Multitask While Solving the Problem of What to Foods to Serve


First, think of your family’s favorite meals. You’ll need seven recipes with one dish that will freeze well. Then head to the pantry and refrigerator to see what ingredients you have or will be needing to shop for.

Scan the newspaper for food sales and go from there is my method when it comes to a weekly meal plan. If chicken breasts are a good deal, one meal is something with chicken from stuffed breasts, stir fry, etc.  I can easily get another meal if any meat is leftover by chopping and turning it into a pot pie, casserole, creamed chicken, etc.

Say carrots are one of the featured vegetables that have a lower price that week, I buy a few bags and serve as a side vegetable or for my other recipes for that week.

Take a piece of paper and assign a recipe to each day of that week along with vegetable, bread, etc. to complete that dinner meal. Now that you inventoried, you know the food staples that you have on hand. Write down those ingredients that you need to pull that meal off.

What I’m suggesting through a weekly meal plan really does help ease dinner meal preparation.  I only hope that you take these words to heart and give it a try because your dinners will be so much tastier, healthier and you’ll have more money in your pocket.


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