Baked Bronzers for Face and Body From Laura Geller


Baked Bronzer Laura Geller Beach Matte bronzer
Sunrise Fair is ideal for fair to light skin.

Let’s face it, but this is the time of year when our complexions look the palest after being cooped indoors during winter.  A simple way to warm up your complexion and get that sun-kissed kind of glow is through the help of  baked bronzers.  Laura Geller PR sent me two different varieties with their Beach Matte and Baked Body Frosting baked bronzers for me to test.

The Beach Matte Baked Hydrating Bronzer ($33) I sampled was their lightest shade in Sunrise Fair.  This was subtle, neutral cool beige-brown that has hydrating extracts and antioxidants. The result is a very smooth textured powder that clings wonderfully to the skin to deliver a great natural glow. What else I liked was that I could use this product to contour my face also.

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Baked Body Frosting Bronzer
This one has dual uses for the face and body.

The Baked Body Frosting Face & Body Glow that I experimented with next was in Tahitian Glow. This is a gorgeous baked bronze, pink, tan and cream shade swirled together for the ultimate pearly luminosity. This versatile bronzing powder also has  skin-loving ingredients like antioxidants and white tea extracts to help it thrive without any harmful  mineral oil or parabens. By the way, this $45 compact is huge and 0.70 oz. and comes with a puff.

Baked Bronzer Swatches
On the left is the Baked Body Frosting with the Beach Matte on the right.


Just like the Beach Matte, this is a baked bronzer that is easy to build up.  My preference is to use a big brush when I did my face and the puff for the body.  You can use it dry for a more delicate, healthy glow or wet for a deeper cast like you just returned from vacation on a tropical beach somewhere.

Honestly, I thought both of these baked bronzers were wonderful in their separate ways. Depending on my mood and purpose, it was really a toss up of which one that I loved more.

Have you tried Laura Geller Beach Matte Baked  Hydrating Bronzer or the Baked Body Frosting Bronzer yet?  If not, check them out because you’ll love the beauty they can provide.



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