My Stylist’s Tips to Guarantee a Great Haircut

Stylist’s Tips to Guarantee a Great Haircut
These tips can help save you from disappointment with that new haircut.


Sometimes, you have your heart set on a certain new hairstyle.  Perhaps, you even bring in a photo taken from a magazine with exactly how you want your hair cut. However, there is more to think about before trying out a new haircut to guarantee you’ll love your style once you walk out of the salon.

Instead of just thinking about your head, you got to think about your entire body for portion and balance when considering a new haircut. According to my stylist, height and weight are important factors when considering length and volume. Otherwise, you could be in disappointment once those scissors get done with you.

For example, the taller and bigger-boned you are, the longer and larger the hair can be. Doing so keeps hair and proportions more equally distributed.

On the other hand, those fuller-figured women with more curves should stick with long enough hair with plenty of volume to prevent the head from looking smaller than the rest of their body.

The slimmer that you are, the closer to your head the hair should be cut.

Those that are on the short side need a cut that can help them look taller.  The easiest way to build up your silhouette is through a haircut that involves layering height at the crown.

Understanding how to balance your silhouette with your haircut is one thing, but your neck and the type of necklines of blouses, sweaters, dress to the jewelry you wear is another.  Anyone with a short neck would benefit from some simplicity and softness near the face, which means to avoid necklines with large collars or chunky, oversized jewelry and ask your stylist to gently layer the hair around the face.

Of course, you could have a long, graceful neck.  Being the case, you don’t have to worry about layering around your face when pondering a new cut.  In fact, you have the freedom to play up your face without big, fancy collars or large, elaborate jewelry as well.

I hope you find this post helpful because it can save you from landing up with a haircut that you hate.



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