NYFW Inspired Beauty Smoldered: INGLOT Debuted Black Amethyst Makeup for Michael Costello Fall/Winter ‘17/’18

Costello blonde model
Haunting smoky eyes, dramatic red lips and lots of hair is in store for fall 2017.

Vamp up your beauty look for Fall/Winter 2017/18 taking the clue from designer, Michael Costello’s inspired Black Amethyst, created using INGLOT Cosmetics.  His vision for a woman has an edgy, dynamic presence that knows no boundaries to flaunt her sexiness. Whether strutting her stuff on the runway to her daily trek to the office, the Black Amethyst woman is bold and ready to take on the world, exerting her power with effortless cool sophistication and a stage-worthy sparkle.

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Costello black model.jpeg
The Black Amethyst woman knows how to shine, demonstrated by the reflective colors in this look.

“Black amethyst has a smoky appearance with flecks of white, black and silver,” said Edward Cruz, lead makeup artist sponsored by INGLOT. “If you shine a light through it, you’ll find a deep purple hue. We combined these magical notes with a blood red and plum layered lip, and a dermic peach tone on eyes and skin, all of which are found in the INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadow Palette and Lipsticks curated for this show.”

INGLOT makeup from NYFW table display.jpeg
INGLOT Black Amethyst inspired cosmetics

Breakdown / Products Used: 

INGLOT eyeshadow palette.jpeg
These smoky shades have an updated notice-me factor.

· Eyes: “You’ll find the cues of Black Amethyst in the soft, smoky effect around the eyes,” said Cruz. “The eyes are defined, but not overdone. We achieved a modern take on a smoky eye with INGLOT Eye Shadows in #498 (Metallic Grey), #36 (Silver) and #368 (Dermic Peach), finished off with a veil of #373 (Matte Snow White) to highlight and soften the edges.” (Full Palette: $38, or, Individual Eye Shadows: $7 each).

· Lips: “Lips are bold and perfect, with layered blood red (INGLOT Lipstick #176, $13) and a dark plum (INGLOT Lipstick Matte #435, $15) hues.”

· Skin: “The skin is polished and softly contoured to exude health and wellness. Perfect, glowing skin is created using INGLOT AMC Foundation ($24) atop a rich cream and oil, without a lot of contour. The dermic peach eye shadow was used as blush and contour as well, finished with a glaze on the high cheekbone.”

Thanks to Michael Costello and INGLOT’s joining their creative forces, your face can be your most important statement piece of fashion this autumn 2017.  Rock on, I say!



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