Rouge Bunny Rouge Spring 2017 Face Products Review + Swatches–To Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Beauty!


Rouge Bunny Rouge Spring 2017 Face Products
Rouge Bunny Rouge Spring 2017 face products 


If you want to give your beauty a boost this spring, you can always count on luxury beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, to help your face bloom through their skin-pleasing cosmetic formulas and mastery of colors. Today, I wanted to share my experience with a few of their face products with the Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation ($57), Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand ($31), Loves Lights Highlighting Powder ($48), Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder ($43), Powder Brush ($54), and Foundation Brush ($35).

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The Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation (Almond Milk Parfait) is a great match for anyone with a fair to light complexion that has warm undertones.  The product is dispensed from a pump and has beneficial skin-care ingredients to keep skin soft and protected from the environment.  When you go to use it for the first time, pull the cap up instead of opening by twisting the cap as you normally would for a liquid foundation.  I did not find it to have that slightly gel like texture as stated in the product description, but it did have a wonderful glide to it and smoothed over my skin, perfecting and softly illuminating along the way with medium coverage.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Spring 2017 Face Product Swatches
Starting on the left is Loves Lights Highlighting Powder (Sweet to Touch), the Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand (Rubens) and ending with Milk Aquarelle Foundation (Almond Milk Parfait) on the right. 


Their Foundation Brush had tecalon fibers, which made for a flawless application and washing later.

Next from Rouge Bunny Rouge spring 2017, I thought their Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand (Rubens) would liven up my face.  The color reminds me of a claret wine shade that would be divine with my skin tone.  The choice of this rich shade and texture with my dry skin was flattering besides making a nice base to build upon the rest of my face.

Instead of bronzer, I went with the Loves Lights Highlighting Powder (Sweet to the Touch), which had enough gentle sunny color in this silky powder without overdoing brown or orange.  This highlighting powder nicely awakened my pale winter face with new vitality.

To set my makeup, I used their Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder along with the fluffy goat-haired Rouge Bunny Rouge Powder Brush.  This finely milled sheer, white silky powder doesn’t change the color of your foundation or leave a chalky powder look, but perfects to hide pores by blurring them out.  How can you not love that?

Whatever makeup look that you’re going for this upcoming season, I say Rouge Bunny Rouge spring 2017 can help you cast your face in a becoming light.  To learn more or order the products I used, visit their website and see for yourself.  You can also read my review of their newest addition to the Raw Garden Surprise Eyeshadow Palette with ‘Phanes’ that is featured in the top photo.

Here’s something exciting that will make your day.  Rouge Bunny Rouge is giving Nuts 4 Stuff readers a 20% discount code off your purchase until the end of June when you use RBR-NUTS4STUFF20 at checkout!


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